Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Indian Block Printing

I just came across this video of the art of Indian block printing via Wren Homemade. Beautifully photographed, it gives a real understanding of the intricacies of this ancient art form. It was created by the talented photographers Gentl &Hyers for West Elm.


  1. That is amazing how intricut there stamps are , it sure is alot of work to make one,I do something on fabric like we used to do in school the snowflakes cutting them out and using a sponge and fabric colors and I get some pretty results ,but I can only use the pattern a couple of times ,but then again I have plenty of paper and a scissors LOL ,thanks for this video,theodora

  2. Beautiful and informative video......but it must be hard work for the craftsmen.

    Thank you Sally.

  3. Yes, I think that it is indeed a lot of work. They are so amazingly intricate. But I would hope, that although the work must be hard, that it is also personally gratifying, to make something so beautiful.

    Thank you both for your comments... I love hearing from you.

  4. Bravo Sally et à bientôt en France.