Monday, June 29, 2015

Cordes sur Ciel

  One travels over the years without quite knowing what one is searching for, wandering amid the clatter, caught up with desires or regrets, and one arrives unexpectedly in one from those two or three places which await each one of us in this world. The traveller who, from the terraces of Cordes, looks at the summer night sky, knows that he needs to travel no further, because the beauty here, day after day, will remove any loneliness.
Albert Camus

I made a recent visit to the beautiful hill top town of Cordes sur Ciel, the medieval village that 
found so compelling. 

The little Saturday market at the foot of the village was bustling & is always fun for a change of venue.

The climb to the top is steep & requires some real exertion but it is a lovely climb non the less & well worth the effort. It certainly gives you pause to think about life in the Middle Ages & what it must have been like. 

Although it has become much more of a tourist town over the years I still value the beauty that Camus once saw in this historical treasure.

So if you happen to be 
You might want to put this spot on your wish list.


  1. I visited Cordes sur Ciel several times when I lived in the southwest of France. It was always a pleasure to walk in the small streets.

  2. Albert Camus knows what he was talking about. What a beautiful magical place!

  3. Wow. Just lovely. So grateful to see it through your eyes, especially since I hurt my knee and all of those stairs gives me a little pain just imagining. All those stones snuggled together to form a beautiful Medieval village. The view of the village from below and the view of the surrounding area from above. Here’s my Dreaming of France meme

  4. I can see why Camus was so very inspired. Wonderful photos. A beautiful spot.

  5. What a special place and that view is something special. Also, I adore that quote you posted. Kisses

  6. One of my favourite places in this country!