Friday, March 13, 2015


Yes, "pick your own daffodils" was a new experience for me.  I knew of farms that invited costumers to "pick your own apples" or "pick your own strawberries" but daffodils was a first for me. And what a delight it was!

UPickDaffodils is a family run farm near the sweet little town of Bluffton SC. 

Owners Diane & Chuck Merrick say the beautiful yellow fields include a number of the 50 different varieties of daffodils that are commonly found in the Low Country. Originally sold as stock for florists the fields were planted more than 40 years ago

But when that market dried up for them some 20 years later, the idea for UPIckDaffodils was born & has been delighting locals ever since.

As you can imagine this whole operation like any farming venture is entirely dependent on the weather & on mother nature. Last Sunday was a perfect warm sunny day for a little side trip to celebrate the coming of spring here in South Carolina. And what better way to do that than to pick a bouquet of fresh faced daffodils.

It is hard to say what was more enjoyable, the sheer pleasure of wandering in those golden fields with the sun on my face or watching the joy of all the other participants as they gathered their bouquets.

Young or old, everyone left happy & with a lovely reminder of the day, a beautiful bunch of yellow blooms to take home.

My bouquet made me smile all week long & also inspired a little painting.

What will this weekend bring?
Whatever it brings I hope you have a great one!


  1. Everyone I know is visting the farm, isn't it great?
    I had beautiful daffodils planted, but the kid's kept running over them with the mower.
    Love your painting Sally, very nice.

  2. so much fun! I have never seen you pick flowers.
    your painting is delightful!

  3. Oh my ... I am so jealous!!! Daffodils are so cheery and the ability to be out in a field of them ... picking your own bouquet ... well, if that doesn't make smiles, I don't know what would!!! We are still enjoying warm, spring-like weather ... and word on the street is the Snow Geese are making their way north!