Tuesday, March 31, 2015

La Tour Eiffel

As you may have noticed on Google this morning, the Eiffel Tower opened to the public for the first time on March 31, 1889.

When Dreaming of France isn't it the first thing that comes to mind?
Happy Birthday Tour Eiffel!


  1. Sally, Some beautiful shots of the Eiffel Tower. They should be in a calendar. I took an arty shot of the Eiffel Tower sparkling on this trip. Thanks for playing along with Dreaming of France.

  2. Wonderful views and thanks for the reminder! Might have to acknowledge that one on my FB page!

  3. She's such a beautiful grand old dame. Great shots. I can never resist taking a photo every time she comes into view.

  4. I'm living here for 27 years and I never went to the top of it…
    warm greetings from Paris!