Monday, February 2, 2015


As it is a bit dreary here today, I chose some photos of summer green 
 to play along with 

Honeysuckle can be found growing in profusion in the countryside of southwest France. For me honeysuckle is a magical reminder of childhood. I love it's beautiful distinctive scent. So I am always delighted when I return to France & can smell it everywhere.

It is called chévrefeuille in French, which translates to English as "goat leaves". Why? I do not know, perhaps goats like to eat it. What's more, my French friends were not even aware of the tiny droplet of "honey" found inside each flower, which is of course my favorite part.

 On a more formal note, it is always a delight to discover an old but still beautifully kept garden of boxwood. 

In this case I peeked into the gates of an old Chateau. The stately building, although beautiful, was in a rather sad state of disrepair but in the garden the boxwood hedges were still neatly trimmed.

And though many of the pots on the terrace were broken, there were blooms in everyone.

That's one of the many things I love most about France. No matter how humble or run down a place, one almost always finds a beautiful spot of green.

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 And have a happy Monday everyone!


  1. Your green is making my heart sing, as I look outside my window to 12 inches of snow. All that and France, too!

  2. I do love the green, but the pops of color along with the green caught my eye, like the reflected blue sky in the window in the first photo. The blooms of wisteria too,, beautiful swell of purple against the green. Thanks for playing along with Dreaming of France.

  3. Aww..those photos make me daydream of spring...Beautiful! xoxo

  4. Beautiful post. I love honeysuckle too.

  5. Very pretty. It was nice that the rain moved on and the sun shone all afternoon, but my goodness, that wind was something.

  6. Ooh such colour....cold and slushy here!!

  7. I really love all the snow we're currently having - but your pictures make me start looking forward to spring and everything coming back to life :) Beautiful pictures!