Monday, February 9, 2015


February can be a bit of a bleak month in southwest France but usually the temperatures do not drop too low. So I was excited to see on one of the local French blogs that I follow, that not only had it snowed in Toulouse but that they are ice skating in the magnificent Place du Capitole. What fun that must be for everyone!

As this is Valentine's week, I have chosen some photos "en rouge" to celebrate the occasion. 

I have always loved these red doors of this old elementary school, where girls & boys were traditionally separated & each had their own entrance.

And who would not want to be treated to one of those beautiful red pastries from the famous Parisian patisserie, Laduree or a bouquet of red from the Paris flower market to kick start the holiday of amour.  
I am linking these heartfelt wishes for a 
Happy Valentine's Day
 to Paulita's


  1. France does rouge so well. You're right to love those doors, I do too. Thanks for this delightful post.

  2. I love the rouge de France. C'est tres jolie. How do you do the collages?

    1. Esme I usually use Picmonky but there are many apps that do them.

  3. Your rouge is most lovely! Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. I love the red doors! I saw my first filles/garcons entrance at a school in Provence. I took a photo as well...seemed so strange.

  5. I remember seeing "Boys" and "Girls" doors on old schools in England, but never so pretty as these. The little school I went to wasn't big enough to have two doors!

  6. How fun and those pastries look totally scrumptious! xoxo

  7. Sally, Your Valentine's photos are lovely. I could go for one of those red pastries! Thanks for playing along with Dreaming of France.

  8. Hi Sally, yes this year the weather in Europe is amazing, because we here in the North of Germany had nearly no snow at all, but in south of France, north of Spain and Mallorca hugh amounts. Crazy!
    The idea of a post dedicated to colour is a fun idea!
    Thanks for your nice comment about Patti Smith and I apologize about the terrible english translation - obviously I was a bit to sloppy with it. Yieks.
    barbara bee