Tuesday, December 2, 2014


...from one holiday to the next always seems to move way too quickly for me. We took some lovely walks this past weekend with our out of town guests & saw a lot of  contrasting colors.

Although this pretty holly & the funny snowball of a plant below do look awfully Christmasy & I know there are quite a few people out there who are already decorating & getting ready for the next big holiday, 
 I am just not ready.

Maybe it is because in Charleston the leaves have only just started to turn into beautiful bright fall colors.

The golden Gingko tree above & the red Maple below are at their peek right now.

So it is hard for me not to want to fill my pockets with pretty autumn leaves to take home & enjoy.

I  still want to linger just a while longer in the glory of fall & thanksgiving.

But last weekends holiday flowers are starting to fade....

...while last years Christmas cactus is almost in full bloom.

So I guess I had better get with it & transition into the next holiday season right along with everyone else.


  1. Lovely colours - the golden Gingko is fabulous!


  2. i love this season on my part of the world, because the rain has finally come. but i don't know how i feel about this year about to end. eh.

    gorgeous pictures, Sally :)

  3. Love the gingko leaves! One thing I love about France is there is no rush to Christmas or pressure to lavishly decorate.

  4. I'm all for taking it slow...as much as that is possible this time of year- and the snow we've gotten seems to be pushing us further into actual winter...hang onto your beautiful leaves as long as you can Sally :)