Monday, September 15, 2014


Yes, I have finally seen The Hundred Foot Journey. I went to see it with my daughter before leaving Boston. I was so enthralled by seeing St. Antonin on film that it was hard for me to fully judge the merits of the storyline. My daughter however, really liked it & I was happy to speak to others that had enjoyed it as well.

For me watching the film was more about remembering the experience. I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to watch from the sidelines as this film was being made.

I was really excited to see the scenes that I had been right there to see in production. I could not help whispering to my daughter, "I was right over there".

I loved seeing the actors playing their roles

 & remembering how I had seen them on the set

  preparing for & preforming these same scenes, as well as laughing, & enter-acting with the cast & crew on the set.

It was fun to watch the credits & realize that I had seen many of these very talented film makers working on their craft.

Knowing that I had gotten to see director  Lasse Hallström in action was a real thrill.

It was funny to see the familiar places in St. Antonin so transformed. I did feel that the film gave the town an overly quaint, almost cutesy look that to my mind took away from St. Antonin's true beauty.

But none-the-less it was fun to think that just days before I had been sitting in the very same café that I was now seeing on the big screen.

Of course much of the film was the figment of imaginative film making & computer generated magic. Locations that are far from St. Antonin were made to look like the local landscape for example. 

I happened to see on the internet that some people were asking if these restaurants really exist.   To be clear, no, they do not, both are completely fictional. Not only was one only a false front in many of the scenes but they were not located anywhere near St. Antonin. I especially thought it was funny to see the long shots of the two restaurants with St. Antonin in the distance. That was indeed the magic of cinema.

All in all it was wonderful to see the lovely town of St. Antonin so beautifully portrayed in this very sweet film.

I am linking my impressions of The Hundred Foot Journey to Paulita's weekly meme 


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed the movie -- I suspect you'll have to see it again to really enjoy the story part! But who wouldn't love those locations! I love your behind the scenes photos and am more than a wee tad envious that you were able to be there firsthand! Wonderful post, Sally -- and welcome home.

  2. What an amazing experience for you ....... having been there then seeing the film.
    Lovely post....thank you Sally!


  3. Finally! Like Jeannie, I think you'll probably need to see it again and again. When it comes out on DVD you'll be able to stop and compare, what fun. Thanks for sharing your pictures and your experiences in St. Antonin.

  4. I'm glad that you got to see the movie too. What an experience it must have been for you- such an extra layer of enjoyment. I've seen a few of your posts about the movie, and really enjoyed the photos you used today. I wondered at two restaurants being outside of town like that. St Antonin certainly came across very well.

  5. It really must have been so cool and exciting to experience the film being made! I've not seen the movie - now I'm curious. :)

  6. Hi,Sally.
    How exciting time you had. Yes,as Paulita says I too think you will have to see it again. The cafe with the blue panes and chairs you had been sitting are very pretty.
    Have a good day!

  7. Sorry, mistake.
    What an exciting time you had.

  8. How special! thanks for sharing your exciting experience on set.

  9. Oh wow, it is so incredible and phantastic that you could all watch this and take this wonderful pics (I remember when you first did it) and must be totally weird to see the film of an so familiar place and how the made up a lot of them. Great experience, don't you think. I think it is totally thrilling. Love your photos and all the explanation about it and hope this film comes to german pretty soon.
    barbara bee

  10. I look forward to seeing the film!

  11. How fun that you saw it being filmed and how interesting they included shots that were nowhere near the location.

  12. Lovely! The magic of the movies indeed. I had to laugh at you whispering to your daughter; because my husband works on movies, that's what it's like when we see one of his as well. Him whispering "I was in the back of the car, cuing the actor" etc. It makes it a bit more personal and extra exciting. Paulita's right, you'll have to get it on dvd and watch it again. Wonderful pictures; lovely to see Manish Dayal laughing.