Monday, September 29, 2014

Damp Week

It has been a damp week here in Charleston, as I maneuverer  my way though life back in the States after my three months in France. It takes a while. 

 Catching up on things I missed while away, I stopped by the Shepard Fairey  mural on King Street that was done in connection with the Spaleto Festival at the end of last May.

Mostly it has been pretty quite, as I try to get back into a routine & back to normal life. And all the while the weather continues to be wet & dreary.

But of course I have had to indulge in some of my favorite treats that I miss while away, like a pecan cinnamon bun from Wildflower Pastry, baked only on Sunday mornings.

 Although this post does not have much to do with Dreaming of France, I did see this link that might interest those looking for a cool & alternative place to stay on their next visit.


  1. I think your rentree is definitely connected to France. Interesting link too. Sounds like a lot of work but then an interesting place to live.

  2. Your link about troglodyte houses makes me smile: it's very very close to where I live :)

  3. I do love Charleston -- and yes, it's odd, isn't it, reacclimating yourself to a familiar and loved spot after a prolonged time away. But what a lovely spot!

  4. Perfect : flowers, tea and buns. Could you ask for more?
    warm greetings from Paris!

  5. I think we Paris lovers are always happy to see a fabulous looking pastry wherever they may be in the world! That pecan bun looks great. As does the mural. Three months in France must be hard to come back down from. I really enjoyed the link about the cave house. Some areas of outback Australia have underground houses. I've stayed in an underground motel- perfectly cool 22 degrees year round.

  6. I always admire of your lifestyle with many beauties.
    France, Boston and Charleston, they are beautiful places! What a pretty pot and tea cup!
    Have a good day and be happy!

  7. Charleston! I visited there last February--love it.