Sunday, July 14, 2013


Well, better late than looks as if I have done all I can do to move out of the condo except actually physically leaving. And luckily, with the aid of the Internet & Power of Attorney privileges it seems that it will be possible for me to slip away & head over to France before the final closing date in August. Lots of last minute planning & scurrying around is about to make this happy idea a reality.

I will be leaving Boston behind. The past several months here in Boston have been hectic at best. As a result sometimes I forget what a beautiful city Boston really is. This video by filmmaker Sean Collins expresses my feelings perfectly.

Good-bye Boston.

I am looking forward to seeing France again & what better day to announce my departure than today. Bastille Day! Happy 14 July everyone!


  1. Sally, So glad you get to spend part of your summer in France. I know you have mixed feelings as you leave Boston behind. Bon Voyage.

  2. oh! so sad to hear your actually leaving Bean-town....but still the world is so ...full and I'm happy to see where your going :)
    Safe travels and so glad your able to make it to France this summer!

  3. So happy for you Sally! Safe travels!!
    Mary Howard

  4. Hi,Sally
    It is a little bit sad for me to hear you leaving Boston....but I also look forward to hear your new days in France! It will be fabulous! Have a safe trip!