Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Happy Birthday Emily!

Today my eldest granddaughter, Emily, turned 14. It seems like a milestone of sorts, these 14 years. It has been a true privilege to watch & be just a small part of this beloved first child & grandchild grow into her own.

This afternoon we had a small celebration here at my house to present Emily with her gift, something she has wanted, a yogibo for her room.

Thank you Emily for the joy you have brought into our lives for the past 14 years. You are kind & thoughtful, helpful & conscientious ...... are a sweet & caring big sister as well as a very good role model for your younger siblings... are funny& fun to be with.....

......Emily you are talented & smart..... you have taught me & inspired me.....I love that you showed me how to do Instagram & often have to help me with my phone or computer.... are beautiful inside & out......

...........Happy Birthday Emily!


  1. Lovely post Sally.It's fascinating to watch grandchildren grow and so special to be part of the experience.
    Wishing Emily many happy hours with her yogibo.


  2. Happy birthday Emily!
    I see you beautifully growing!It is lovely to hear you had a celebration!

  3. Emily is such a beauty and she has such a sweet and devoted grandmother!

    Mary Howard

  4. What fun! She looks so innocent. Don't you wish you could lock this up and keep it? I know she has to keep growing and she's on her way to becoming someone fabulous, I just hate to lose these moments. She's lucky to have a grandmother like you.

  5. What a joy is your Emily! Who knew.... even then we were always told grandchildren are the best. They truly are life's blessings!