Thursday, March 7, 2013

The House & Other Things

 The house continues to be a bit of a construction site, although there is very little to show for all this work in progress. 

Well, we have put in some closets in the bedroom

& work in the kitchen continues at a steady pace.

Sometimes in all this chaos, the best thing for me to do is go for a walk & just get out of the way.

Here are just a few details from a walk around the neiborhood this week.

 In spite of cool temperatures, spring is really starting to pop out all over.

Had I mentioned that the ceilings of the early piazzas were painted 
" haint blue" to dispel evil spirits. The theory being, that the sky blue color would fool the offending spirits into believing that it was indeed the sky & that they would move on along without entering.

Everywhere one looks, there are so many aging & crumbling details of a time gone by.

In what was once Wilhemenia's, is now one of our favorite neighborhood restaurants, Five Loaves 

....on Cannon Street. Another favorite is Butcher & Bee (not pictured), which is also in easy walking distance. They both offer great vegan & vegetarian options.

 Charleston is a bicycle kind of town. Everybody rides bikes here.

 Although many trees are still bare, spring is surely on its way.

Hope you have enjoyed yet another walk around the neighborhood in Charleston. 


  1. The works always last too long in a house. But afterwards, when it's finished, what fun! I'm sure it's going to be pretty.
    I love the third photo, it's full of charm!

  2. I love the 'haint blue' porch ceilings. I've been meaning to paint mine but just haven't gotten around to it. I do have the blue bottle trees on either side of the porch...with the bottles slid over the branches. I think the correct way was to hang them right side up but I figured I'd get more mosquitoes than I wanted from the standing water.

    I know you can't wait to finish construction on your lovely home. Hope you have one of those wonderful Charleston gardens!

  3. Oh Jody, I had seen those bottle trees & wondered about them. As soon as I read your comment, I immediately googled them & there it was! Thanks for enlightening me!

    We have a little land for a garden but it will need as much work as the house, before it can be considered a proper Charleston garden.

  4. good morning sally, i like seeing your
    neighborhood and inside of your home.
    charleston is one i would love to
    go back to visit one day.

    1. It is nice to know that you have been here, coco, & I do hope you will come again!

  5. Hi Sally, what I can see of your house so far, looks wonderful, this incredible beautiful wooden floar. Sigh. And I really would LOVE to do a bicycle tour around this wonderful neighborhood, those wonderful details... wow and thanks for that inspiring story with the blue colour.
    sniff our spring is just over for the moment

    1. Thanks, Barbara, you are too kind! I hope you will have an opportunity to bike around Charleston someday!

  6. Wow. Your photos overwhelm my senses. So many jewels. I love the architectural look of your new closets. Here's Mine

  7. Oh, spring is beautiful there! I love the photo of the gingerbread on the "porch," is it? All chippy and fancy.

    Yes, I will always remember learning about "haint blue" during a narrated buggy ride around Charleston many years ago. Beautiful city so rich with history!

  8. I love those wooden houses. That balcony with the pillars is wonderful. What a project that would make.

  9. it takes time :)
    your neighborhood looks lovely !