Thursday, August 30, 2012


There are so many shades of red. Here are a few photos of red in its many variations.

There is of course tomato red.

One might call this Doux Chevaux "fire engine red".

There is the bright red of the umbrellas in the market.

The more subtle red of an old door with a beautiful old knocker.

The velvety red of my rose blooming in July.

The flat red of this little gate & shutters set off by all the surrounding green.

The shinny red of the brightly colored pottery sold in the market.

Raspberry red.

Here is a little still life of many shades of red on my mantel.

The deep dark red of this vintage auto. It is a Simca, which has been preserved in immaculate condition.

The red of chillies & spices, ingredients for a spicy pepper dish.

I hope that the color red is adding a little spice to your life on what is a rather dreary overcast day here in southwest France.


  1. I love all your reds, especially the Doux Chevaux. Why am I seeing pictures of these everywhere lately? The raspberries look scrumptious too.

  2. I love these! We grew a lot of different tomatoes this summer and none has exactly the same red! It is so fascinating!