Friday, October 7, 2011

Degas and the Nude

Earlier this week I went into town, to the French Cultural Center to hear a lecture on the up coming Degas exhibition at the MFA. The lecture was given by Xavier Rey, a curator of paintings at the Musée d’Orsay, who along with George Shackelford has brought to fruition    the magnificent exhibition "Degas and the Nude". Although, the lecture was in French, & I may not have gotten every word, it did give me a good foundation on the subject before actually, viewing the exhibit, which I was able to do yesterday.

The official opening will be this Sunday, October 9, & will run until February 5, 2012. I attended a members preview yesterday & found the show even more beautiful & moving than I had anticipated. I love Degas & have always cherished seeing his work, whenever & wherever I could. I was so pleased, to see pieces that I have never seen, but have known only through photographs, as well as pieces that I have been privileged to see before. I have seen the work of Degas many times on visits to the d'Orsay, & seeing them again here in Boston, was like seeing an old friend.

The exhibition will not be going to any other American museums, but will go directly to the d'Orsay  & run from March 13 - July 1. This is just another reminder, of how lucky we are here in Boston, to have such a wonderful museum. I hope everyone in the Boston area will be able to find the time to see this beautiful exhibit, & maybe it will even be a good reason for those not in the area, to make a visit to Boston.


  1. Thanks for reminding me of this, Sally. And how wonderful that you got to go to the member's preview! I will make sure to get up to Boston when we get back from Paris. From what I read, the D'Orsay will be closed when we are there[ Nov1-11] so we surely won't be seeing Degas at that museum :((

  2. Sally, No fair that you get Degas in France and now in Boston. Maybe I'll have to head out east. This sounds spectacular.