Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Charleston, South Carolina

A brief visit to Charleston, South Carolina last week, did the spirits good. If you have never visited Charleston, it should be on your list of places to go. What a beautiful & interesting city!

With its palm trees & beautifully colored, old buildings, dating back to antebellum times & beyond.

I love the long porches & wrought iron gates....

.... the water ways & inlets.....

.... the food, oh my goodness, the food! You must eat grits at least once, while you are in Charleston 

..... & the signs! there are so many lovely old neon signs in Charleston.

.... & the marshes, & the palmettos of the low country....

.... the pastel colors of commercial buildings ....

..... & elegant homes alike.....

..... the beaches ....

.... & oh yes, did I say the porches? Who would not want to while away the time on one of these inviting porches?


  1. Hello,Sally.
    Glad to see you again!
    You have come back from France and enjoyed lovely places again! Things through your eyes are always lovely and artistic!
    Have a good day.

  2. Yes, one visit to Charleston and I will never forget it.... such a lovely place. Did you notice some of the porch ceilings are painted "haint" blue? To keep away the haunts and spirits, we were told. Interesting post. Thank you!

  3. Great post! We've been in the area a lot recently looking at Homes for Sale in Charleston SC, we're moving from Philadelphia. It's such a beautiful place, I especially love the character of the buildings...so exquisite. I am so looking forward to the move!