Thursday, July 21, 2011


There are just so many wonderful things that are cultivated here. I never tier of seeing the fields of wheat, corn & hay, or the vineyards or the commercial orchards, with every kind of fruit tree.

There are more modest cultivations, too. When I first arrived the lavender was at it's peak. Now it has been cut & bundled, to be turned into scented oils & soaps.

Fruit trees are everywhere. In fact this area is considered the fruit region. There are many different varieties of plums, peaches, apples, pears & my favorite, cherries.

Walnuts are grown in this region too. I love the walnut oil that is produced here, as well as, walnut p√Ętes & spreads. The nuts are, of course, delicious just as they are. My favorite salad is one with walnuts, salade noix.

I do not have a photo of the wonderful melons that grow here, but they are so good, maybe they deserve a blog post all of their own. I could not help taking a shot of this pumpkin, though, growing up an old stone wall. The shapes of the pumpkins here remind me of Cinderella & her magic coach.

Speaking of walls, here is a pretty apple tree espaliered on a lovely old brick wall.

Aside from all of the vineyards in this region, you will also see many grape arbors trained over doors, windows & patios. They are always beautiful to see.

But my favorite without a doubt are the fields of yellow sunflowers. Although, I have posted many photos of sunflowers before, I guess for me, they are what I think of, when I think of my area of France & what grows here. They are what I love most to see when I arrive & miss most when I am gone.


  1. The photos show the bounty of the area. Hmm. I'm hungry just looking at them. I've never been in France when the lavender was in the field. Someday....

  2. Hi,Sally.
    How variable fruits and flowers you have!
    I like to make fresh fruits juice almost every morning. I would like to try making juice with those ones! My favorite photo is the fifth. It is very simple and expressive.
    I also enjoy your English description!