Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Thinking of Summer

Although I am trying to stay present & enjoy the wintery weather, I can't help but think about warmer sunnier days. I have been going through some of my photos from my summer in France & I realize that I have so many pictures that I never posted. 

So I thought I might take this time to share with you some of my memories of last summer.

I seem to have taken a number of photos of all manor of  flowers & plants in pots & containers.

So I have sorted them accordingly, & here is the first selection of my summer "flower pot" series.

 In the French countryside you find potted plants everywhere, like the ones you see here along this little alleyway.

I especially love the old stone pots like this one

... & how this morning glory just spills out of it's pot.

Every summer, the bridge, leading into the town of Saint Antonin, is covered with beautifully planted pots, suspended over the edge.

How could one not love this simple yet elegant container of geraniums hung over a restaurant menu. 

There was just something so appealing about  this plain  facade with it's neatly placed plants.

.... inside looking out.

I hope this little glimpse of summer has added a little warmth to an otherwise chilly winter day.


  1. Beautiful series of pictures, lovely to look at summer from the cold heart of winter.

  2. It surely has, isn't that just beautiful, flowers everywhere, love these photos! x

  3. This is a trip I'd love to take Sally.
    Gorgeous just to wander along taking pics here and there!

    Thanks so much for a heart warming message ... we have been counting our blessing all this summer to not be personally affected... so many have in Queensland. Its hard to believe... now this?


  4. OmG, I'm so fed up with winter right now, its grey and drizzle and your wonderful photos wants me to escape right away. Don't you think is makes desires even greater?

  5. Feel like diving right in to that first photo then having a bite at the French restaurant. Nice photos.

  6. Nice pictures! Friends of mine live in the southwest, I recognized their village! Funny ;) See you soon. Elsa

  7. Hi, your photos really capture French summer, makes me want to gp there! I used to visit a lot, but not in recent years unfortunately. But I did get a chance to visit Boston last fall, I loved it! You are so lucky to be living there, and in France! Up here in the Arctic I don't even bother longing for summer, it's to early!

  8. pretty scenes!!
    I love morning glory in summer, so I sowed lots of seeds about a week ago..can't wait to see them crimbing up and cover my windows in summer.

    Love your photos.