Friday, February 25, 2011

At the Museum


My granddaughter, Gracie & I spent an enjoyable day at the MFA this week. In honor of  Presidents Day, Grace  took an extra  serious look at the giant portrait of George Washington by Thomas Sully in the new Americas Wing.

I can't help but be reminded of how fortunate we are here in Boston to have such a wonderful museum. However, if you are unable to get out to a local museum or are just interested in seeing what the museums of the world have to offer,  you might want to check out the 
Here you can  explore museums from around the world, discover and view hundreds of artworks at incredible zoom levels, and even create and share your own collection of masterpieces.

  If  you were not one of the lucky ones to view the Monet Exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris this year, you can still see the works on the official site. For a fun, interactive view, click "Journey" & let the creativity begin. This would be fun to do with an interested child or just feel like a child yourself & enjoy. Either way it is indeed a captivating journey.

Another site with an amazing interactive work of art is About War and Bananas, which has added movement & music to Picasso's Guernica.  

Thanks to Art Ravels for these links. They should keep me busy & engaged through this rainy weekend. 

I hope each of you have a happy & engaging weekend.


  1. What fun! Thanks for all the links. I will definitely check them out!

  2. thanks for the liks I will look at them,we do go to Museums,they often have special exhibitions,one day I hope to visit Paris and view all of the art at the Lourve, most everybody I know has,one of these days,thanks so much for visiting,I am working on cups with the saucer what was I thinking my husband called it to my attention and also working on the teapots,I love recycling something to give it new life and to be something usefull,have a nice day .theodora

  3. Thanks for the informative post Sally.
    Such fun to view art with young people.
    Happy painting days!