Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Working with Scissors

The blogging world leads us in so many directions & to so many interesting places.
This week I came across this lovely little film advertently by way of Art Over Dinner.
I love being able to watch Matisse making his famous paper cut outs with
those enormous scissors. It is such a treasure to actually watch the master at work if only for a few moments. Later through a slightly more circuitous route I came across these wonderful little mini sculptures made from tiny cut outs & toilet paper rolls.

I discovered these following a trail of links from one of my favorite blogs, Kickcan & Conkers. Thanks Deborah for sharing so many other wonderful & interesting sites.
I found these unique tiny pieces of art featured both here & here.
According to the artist, Anastssia Elias, hundreds of websites & blogs from different countries have dedicated posts to her cardboard rolls & have led many thousands of visitors to her site. All of this through the marvelous world of the internet.


  1. These tubes are very magical! And thanks for the moment with Matisse.

  2. These are great Sally........they could be made for little films such as the Quay Brothers make! Anyway thanks for the comments about the sketchbooks.... I love seeing other artists sketchbooks too, they are the pure energy of thought. Oh and I saw that Matisse programme the other night......the presenter was awful but Matisse I love! A favourite of my, especially after reading the two volume biography by Hilary Spurling. I recommend them if you haven't read already :)

  3. I've seen the toilet roll tube art before - very clever. This video of Matisse gives me goosebumps - wonderful find.
    I've just posted another, funny, paper cut video link today on my blog if you're interested :)