Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Water Emergency In Boston

The recent water emergency in Boston has ended. After three days of boiling water to drink, due to a major water main break, the city of Boston & 30 outlying communities, can go back to normal water use. Hopefully in this short time of inconvenience, without clean water at the ready, we as a community have learned some important lessons. Our water supply is a precious resource, one which we take for granted on a daily basis. It is my hope that this crisis has awakened us to our responsibility to our planet & the water that gives it life. I have written about this here on this blog before, sharing that many of my paintings have a watery presence. The above painting entitled, "Falling", is one such example. Intuitively, I paint the movement & refraction of water. I can not help but think that there is a connection between what I paint & the passion I feel for this subject.

Besides the prize winning talk on TED by Sylvia Earle, another resource for those interested in learning more about the plight of the worlds water supply, is Irena Salina's award-winning documentary film "Flow".


  1. How right you are - we so often take for granted simple things like clean tap water. I am a professional technical translator and used to work a lot with NGOs like Handicap International and Action Nord Sud. I am very much aware of the scarcity of 'l'or bleu'. Let's hope a few lessons have been learned here ?

  2. Water water all around and not a drop to drink!

    Your paintings are lovely....

  3. This is a beautiful painting! I wonder how the artistic community will address these 2 current water events (Boston and Loisianna).