Monday, March 22, 2010

World Water Day March 22

Today is World Water Day. In observance of this day, dedicated to raising awareness of the plight of the worlds water supply, I am reposting something I wrote on my website blog a year ago. It is of course as crucial today as then & seemed appropriate.

Once when asked what I paint a friend spoke up before I could answer & said “water”. Often my paintings do have a water like quality & I am certainly inspired by the beauty of reflections on water. In my everyday life I try to be green & as part of that effort I try to conserve my water usage. But I have to confess I had been more focused on global warming than on the global water supply. That is, until I saw
Sylvia Earle’s prize winning talk on TED about what she calls the blue heart of the planet. I was so moved by this beautifully photographed piece that I wanted to share it . So I do hope that anyone that may find their way to this spot will take the 18 minuets it takes to watch this eye opening lecture. Now when I paint “water” I will do so with a deeper respect & a greater since of urgency

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