Monday, August 17, 2015

No Longer in France

The photo above is one of my last looks at France. I have been back in the United States now for about a week. I unexpectedly cut my visit short because of a family emergency. My mother, who is 91, is ill. I have returned home to stay with her & help with her care in what will be the final months of her life. She is alert & aware & at peace with her prognosis. She has lived a long & fruitful life & is most appropriative of all of her blessings. 

Even though my mother is an excellent patient the task of caregiver is not without its challenges. Everyday presents a new challenge & learning experience.

 It is very similar to the challenges one faces living in a foreign country like 
France, even if for only a few months out of the year. Leaving family behind is always one of the difficult drawbacks. Although a sobering thought, I think it is probably important to share not only the beauty & romantic aspects of a life abroad but also some of the difficult realities as well.
 Best wishes to all of my friends Dreaming of France. I have lots of photos from this summer & hope to share them with you as I continue to navigate my new reality.


  1. Oh, Sally, so sorry to read your news. It sounds like your mother has lived a long and wonderful life, and I'm sure you'll make her last months as peaceful and pleasant as can be. My thoughts will be with you; I lost my mother a few years ago and I know how painful the transition can be for those of us who stay behind.

  2. Sally, So sad to hear about your mother, but I'm encouraged about her positive attitude. I'm in Florida for a short visit with my parents while my dad undergoes some treatments. He does not gladly accept help from me. I wanted to take some pressure off my mom, but Dad still feels like he should take care of me. He bristles at me taking out the trash or getting him a cup of coffee. So I understand some of your challenges.
    I can't wait to see some of your France photos and I'll be thinking of you as you care for your mother. Thanks for playing along with Dreaming of France.
    Here’s my Dreaming of France meme

  3. I'm sorry to hear about your mother. Take care.

  4. Sally, your heart must be in a thousand memories right now and going gently from day to day, helping take care of your mom. You are right -- caregiving has a lot of challenges. They are challenges we accept with love and because of love, but that doesn't mean they are easy. I'm glad you can be with her at this time (and that she is a good patient -- that helps a bit!).

    I suspect in the weeks and months to come you will be dreaming of France a lot -- of that peaceful environment, the beautiful vistas, the lyrical language and all the lovely things you share here. I hope those memories will bring you some happy moments amid the sacred family memories and feelings you will be having as you walk this journey with your mom.

  5. Oh Sally, I am so very sorry to hear about your mom. You are so amazing for rushing to her side and staying there now no matter what. That is a very special thing to do and I'm sure your mom appreciates it beyond words. I admire her for her positive attitude and you for your strength to do this. I have you and your mom in my thoughts and I'm sending lots of hugs and strength and positive energy to you both.

  6. Oh, I am so sorry about your mom, dear! Please take a good care of yourself and talk to you soon. xoxo

  7. Hello, Sally.
    I am surprised to read your post when I have just come back blogging. I am so sorry about your mother.
    Please take care, Sally.

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  9. Une pensée pour vous aujourd'hui, Sally, que je vous partage.
    Que tout soit au mieux pour votre maman et pour vous.
    Cordialement, Dominique

  10. Sally, I hadn't seen you post in a long while and thought I'd check in. I hope your mom was able to recover, although at that age, it's never easy, always much more of a struggle. And, that if she didn't, that you are walking through that grief journey toward healing. Sending hugs. ~jeanie

  11. I hope you are well and your family.


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