Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Retard à la Fête

Oops! I totally spaced out yesterday & forgot to wish everyone in France a 
Bon 14 Juillet
 Sorry I am late to the party but I do hope it was a fabulous day all the way 'round.

Not much happens where I am here in the countryside to celebrate the day, which might explain my forgetfulness. There are no fireworks here, although I have, on a number of occasions, had the opportunity to see the beautiful "feu d' artifice" in Paris. That is an amazing & memorable experience to be sure with the
Eiffel Tower as backdrop.

I did see this acrobat performing her acrobatic stunts to old French tunes in the square of Gaillac recently, which called to mind a festive France of an earlier epoch.

A lot of visitors do come to this area for the holiday though. They come to hike, ride bikes, picnic in the countryside, kayak down the river or just relax in small riverside cafes. It is definitely  a more low key sort of celebration here in the country, which for many is the start of the official summer vacation. 
So Happy Fête Nationale    
a day late & happy summer vacations to all!


  1. This looks more like my sort of celebration. I generally try to avoid big crowds, although I'd love to experience a Paris fete national at least once.

  2. It all sounds like fun Sally.
    I hope you have the best day!

  3. Those acrobatic stunts look awesome:) Have a beautiful day, dear. xoxo

  4. I enjoy hearing your descriptions of the events - Thank You!