Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Drive In the Country

....around this neck of the woods can turn up some pretty interesting sights. 

You really never know what you might find.

 I enjoyed seeing this old barn with its collection of old signs

 ....and old cars.

I loved this house with the neat row of chairs on the front porch well, as this old silo & gas pump.

Of course there are the grassy marshlands & stately snowy egrets to see...

And there are plenty of pretty country lanes to meander down too.

Yes, taking a drive in the country in the south can be a very pleasant afternoon adventure.


  1. Yes it's a great way to spend the day, it's how I spend all of mine.:)

  2. And a fabulous drive it was! Thanks for taking me via your photos!!! I love that you are still enjoying "Autumn!"

  3. Love the egret against that background of reeds. It always amazes me that some birds have such brilliant camouflage while others seem to have completely given up on the idea.

  4. you never know what you'll find - so true. lovely pictures. i love spending the day wandering the town and take a good look at the corners

  5. Just, I was really happy to read u visited Adriatic sea islands once and I like the fact that there are those small common places and experiences which are not the main world wonders, but still builds the common, beautiful memories for the people. But u said the same thing in ur first sentence of this post. Like it (-:

  6. I love those old signs:) Happy Monday, dear

  7. I love to take Saturday morning drives to explore the countryside! What a beautiful place you live in! The photo of the old car is superb! So charming all of your pictures are! It would be an absolute pleasure to see the snowy egret! I love birds!