Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Salad for Earth Day

Yesterday, Tuesday April 22, was Earth Day.
With a nod to this occasion I made a salad.

I bought some ramps (or wild leeks) at a farmers market. Although ramps resemble scallions their flavor is a cross between garlic & onions & has deliciously tender leaves. They grow wild from South Carolina up to Canada. The young women who were selling these had foraged for them in the north Georgia woods. 

Using the ramps as inspiration for my Earth Day salad I built it with other locally grown greens, two kinds of kale, arugula & lettuces all found at the same lovely little farmers market .

 I loved these tiny turnips which added a slightly pungent flavor to the rest of the mild & bitter greens.

I dressed the salad with my usual vinaigrette. 

Macerate one clove of garlic in salt & mash at the bottom of a bowl
Add one large spoonful of a good quality vinegar or lemon juice
( when using lemon juice you can also add a dollop of mustard & drizzle of honey but for this salad I just wanted the simplest of flavors )
Then three large spoonfuls of your favorite oil
Mix & voila!

This was certainly a perfect salad to dine on for Earth Day with all of its freshly harvested greens & earthy flavors. But the ramps were indeed the star.

 I like to think that everyday is Earth Day…. in which case ….wishing you a very happy one! 


  1. Oh My ... its after midnight and I am suddenly hungry for salad!!!! This looks and sounds divine! I think I might have to use your vinaigrette on some salad fixings!!!! Thanks for sharing Sally!

  2. I agree. We need rather more than one earth day every 365.

  3. Looks absolutely delicious! I'm longing for the days when our local produce kicks in!

  4. Yum! Salad is by far my all time favorite food- mostly because it has so much variety- this one looks especially delicious! and that vinaigrette is a standard in my home too :)

  5. Thank you so much for your sweet compliment on my blog! :)
    This salad looks super yummy! What a wonderful idea to make a salad on Earth Day.

  6. Hi,sally,
    It is a good idea to make the salad on earth day! I did not know that we had that day on our calender. Your salad looks delicious!
    Have a good weekend!

  7. Sally, I love that you are able to get fresh greens grown right in your area. This looks delicious.