Sunday, March 9, 2014

Spring Forward

The clouds have parted & the sun has come bursting out.

The skies brightened just as the clock sprung forward.

With the sun, buds opened…..

….even though the rain had already knocked many petals to the ground.

 Spring is in the air.

And the clean up begins after a long winter.

I know that we are way ahead of most but I offer this to you as an eternal hope. 

Spring is indeed on its way.


  1. England had its first spring day of 2014 yesterday. Images like yours are only just around the corner!

  2. oh wow. such a lovely day. happy almost spring!

  3. It's good to see that! Here the spring is here too, I cleaned up my garden yesterday yesterday too :)

  4. Ah, the optimism of Spring blossom,it carries on through all weather.While it's sad to see blossom fall prematurely the beauty carpet is a wonderful gift.

    Happy Monday!

  5. So beautiful. Here I am, posting about snowy Niagara Falls and you are sharing the most glorious splendor of spring! I think I like yours much better!

  6. Hope is just what we need here in Ohio. Yesterday I saw some woolly pussy willows on branches. I'm sure we'll start to see green here soon. I'm glad you are in the midst of a spring festival of blossoms.

  7. Ooooooh .... look at your blossoms and greenery! **JEALOUS!** One more month, one more month ... I just need to remind myself its coming! ;)

  8. Wow, you live in a whole different world than I. Blossoms and greenery! And such beautiful photos of both. Thank you for refreshing me.

  9. I can't wait for spring to be here and for everything to be green and growing and blossoming :) Thank you for sharing those wonderful pictures!