Monday, February 24, 2014

Weathervanes In France

Although it is feeling a lot like spring here today, the weatherman is saying there is cold weather still to come later in the week & I know that many of you are bracing for yet another snow storm. With so much changing weather this year, it makes one think how dependent we are on all those weather reports. It is funny to think how not so long ago people relied on regarding nature & the direction of the wind to predict weather patterns. 

When in France I love to look at the lovely old weathervanes that were lovingly made for just this purpose. One of my favorites is the funny little one above, so simple in its homemade design. It is on the house just across from mine & I see it every morning when I open my shutters.

It is fun to look up in search of unique & pretty weathervanes. They can be quite lovely,  simple or ornate.

Rosters seem to be a popular choice. I love these double rosters on a slate roof.

This tower in a town center with its unusual belfry is toped with a tiny weathervane, which can be seen better in the closeup below. This was a way of sharing information with the whole village. The bell tolled the hours while the weathervane gave wind direction.

Another favorite has to be the farmer below with his oxen plowing his field. To me it is a beautiful piece of folk art. But it is also a reminder of its real use & how weathervanes helped generations of country people foretell coming storms.
While I am thinking of the French countryside & these artfully created weathervanes,  I am linking up with Paulita's meme Dreaming of France.

 Wishing all of you the best in weathering the next storm.


  1. Sally, The weather vanes are art on top of houses, aren't they? So glad to see your artist's eye catch these. Antiques left out in the weather. Thanks for playing along. Here’s my Dreaming of France meme

  2. Same here. It started to get nice and now we are freezing again.

  3. oh wow. interesting! i love the one on the tower.

  4. Hello Sally -- I haven't been able to comment while I've been on a loaner computer -- it wouldn't open the "choose profile" area. But I'm back and just in time to enjoy a lovely France post!

    Thanks for your comments and visits while I've been away!

  5. I think I could collect weathervanes! There are so many unique ones around, all of which seem to have an interesting story tied to them! What a lovely blog Sally! I am drooling over your spring-like GREEN weather! ;)

  6. I've always loved weather vanes! and these are quite a nice collection Sally- especially to visit during these winter months.

  7. How lovely to see old weather vanes in France! Yes, they are delicate art.