Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Burning Question

This weekend marked the official beginning of summer although it has felt like summer for awhile.

The long summer days are lush & green, sunny & hot.

But the fact is, I still find myself in Boston, when I am normally in France by this time in the summer season.

I have usually left before my day lilies bloom, but this year I am still here to enjoy their summery glory.

And of course staying in Boston means lots of opportunities to share in my grandchildren's many summer activities, which I love.

But the burning question is I going to France this summer & if so when. In my last post's comments Menthe Blanche very politely asked just that question. Many of my French friends are emailing to ask too, as are family & friends here in the US.

I wish I had an answer. Although I long for the peace & tranquility of my village & little house in France, this year life is just much more complicated. With so many unanswered questions still left in Boston, I am unable to make my usual summer plans, for the moment anyway. But I do hope that will change soon.

Wishing each of you a very happy summer..... no matter if you have well laid plans or not.


  1. I hope that all your questions will soon be answered. Have a good time with your grandchildren is perfect too. Have a nice summer Sally in Boston...or elsewhere ;)

  2. Oh yes, I can understand that you're longing for this lovely place in france. Even I long for it after all your pics from last year. I hope that the answer will come to you soon and you get along with it well, whatever the decission might be.
    Wish you nice sommerdays with your grandchildren.

  3. I hope you have your questions answered too! and are able to make it to your lovely home in France! I would be missing that even though I'm sure summer time with your grand kids is a joy too! It's always unsettling to be waiting on an unanswered question :) Sounds like you've got the right attitude!

  4. Life throws us these curve balls. Summer goes by way too fast no matter where we are. Hope you are at peace with whatever form change is taking.

  5. Sally, I hope life works out magically for you. Wouldn't it be fabulous if we could wave a magic wand and things would turn out, not how we want, but how they should?
    My parents bought a new house last fall and someone contracted to buy the house in January. It just closed last week. I could see them stressing about it, and I wish or you to leave behind the stress. Think of it as floating rather than swimming against the tide.

  6. I love your French posts but I suppose whatever will be will be!

    Enjoy your summer Sally,

  7. wow,
    you have a little house in france?!
    sounds wonderful!

    and if not this year, then perhaps next...
    enjoy, where ever you are!

  8. don't rush into deciding, it will come when it will come ;)