Sunday, February 10, 2013

Out My Window

Charleston is one of the places birds fly to when they fly south. Every morning is filled with the most beautiful concert of birdsong.

I spied this handsome creature out my window recently. I am sure he is glad to be here in this temperate  climate right about now.

Just as I am. 

Although I do sort of miss the sense of adventure of a big snow storm like the one that hit the northeast this weekend & of course the beauty of the freshly fallen snow
 I am ,like the birds,
 quite glad to be where I am.

I hope all my friends in the Boston area are staying safe & warm.


  1. Wonderful bird, this colour! I love all birds, bur we don't have those exotic ones. I believe that you and "your" bird a glad to be where you are, I wouldn't mind to ve there too, meanwhile I'm fed up with winter and cold and the worst dark grey days. Enjoy Charleston.
    Thanks for your nice comment on my blog.

  2. world is such a interesting place as one side of
    the world is filled with sunshine and warmness and
    the other covered with snow....
    beautiful bird.
    you are lucky girl!

  3. I think you've chosen your location well,the beautiful bird would surely dispel morning blues!
    Loved the series of summer photos......thank you Sally. At this time of year I find myself thinking quite a lot about summer.This winter we've had way too much rain for my liking.


  4. I have been wondering where Mr. cardinal goes...we have a Mrs. hanging around up here..she must have been delayed with all the recent snow :)

  5. You're lucky to see this king of birds at your window! Beautiful colors!