Monday, December 12, 2011

'tis the Season

Yes, December is a busy month, with holiday festivities & shopping, shopping, shopping. I am tying to do most of mine on line to avoid the crowds. But it seemed an appropriate time to post some photos, taken last summer, of some shops in France. 

Happy shopping everyone!


  1. Hi,Sally.
    Very beautiful photos of France as always. I feel as if I was strolling and enjoying shopping in France !
    Have a wonderful Christmas and a New Year!

  2. I only like shopping when there are not many people .... as in the villages where you took your photos ;) I'm kidding, of course :)

  3. Thanks for the shopping trip. The most restful one I've had.

  4. I feel like we just do not have shops like these in the States. They are so inviting and full of character. I would walk into all of them! Happy shopping to you, too, Sally!

  5. There is nothing like a mini visit/shopping through the pictures! Thank you!

  6. That would be nice to pop over and do some shopping over there ,only if it was easy to do,hope you enjoy shopping either way.thank you for stopping by to see my craft using my scraps,wish you a Merry Christmas,theodora