Monday, April 4, 2011

A Hopeful Update From Japan

I have felt guilty going on with my life while there is still so much suffering in Japan. You may remember a post I made  featuring the beautiful photographs of Redrose.
 I am glad to report, that she & her loved ones survived the devastation, but the impact of the disaster has taken its toll. She has recently posted on her blog Green Tomato about both the sadness & the hope that she & her country are feeling. 
Here is just an exert, along with more of her beautiful photos:

The impact of radiation leak is becoming more serious. The shortage of electricity has severly damaged not only lives of people but also many operation in manufactures throughout Japan, and the situation has not been expected to improve yet.
However, a lot of people work hard all day and all night believing inJapan’s rebirth with a mobilized new dynamic.

Aid groups from 134 countries are conducting relief activities in the disastrous areas. An American aid group named Operation Tomodachi, which means operation of friends, is actively helping the sufferers there. Many foods and water are carried by helicopters from Ronald Regan in harbor off the east coast, which we are really grateful.

Cherry blossom loved by Japanese people is going to bloom in April, which will brighten up people’s hearts. Though the tragedy is still going on, we believe that with people’s great courage and help for each other, a light to recover is going to be seen soon. 


  1. I am following the news reports closly and I am praying and hoping to hear some news of improvement in controlling the leakeage of radiation which is dangerouse for the invironment ,I hope the comming of the cherry blossom season will bring us some good news ,and I pray for the all the workers and the groups that have traveled so far to be near the Japanes people.xoxo theodora

    p.s. thanks for stopping by, it is always a delight to read your comments of encouragment.

  2. It is really heartbreaking what happend in Japan and they are so strong and brave how they deal with it! Here in Germany most of the people are really concerned and sas about it.

  3. I needed this today. Thank you Sally.

  4. Thank you for sharing I go 'round town, here in Washington DC, I see the cherry blossoms, now in full bloom (peak) - a gift from the Japanese government. It is a beautiful yet sober reminder of the pain but hope we all feel for the elegant and gracious people of Japan.

  5. Sally.
    Thank you for posting my photos and writing on your blog.
    Nara city, where I live, is located in the west of Japan. The situation is very different from that in the devastated east of Japan. We have enough food, water and gasoline here. Radiation leak has not spread in the west. However all the Japanese people have shared the sadness, and think about what we can do for the victims.

    I restarted studying English just after our sons became independent. I wonder how I should write an expression of my appreciation for you in English words.
    Thank you, Sally. I am so pleased to join you.
    Tomoko. Red rose (my handle name)

  6. Thank you, everyone, for all your thoughtful comments & of course a very special thank you to Redrose.

    Tomoko, I so appreciate your generosity in letting me share your beautiful photographs & eloquent words. I don't believe you realize that you speak English beautifully & that your sincere expressions of sympathy & gratitude are understood & deeply appreciated. You have helped to personalize this tragedy, for those of us who can only helplessly watch the reports on TV. Thank you so much.