Thursday, January 6, 2011

Painting on the iPad

My sister, Susie, recently sent me the following link, regarding David Hockney's interest in drawing on his iPad. Apparently he has been doing this since 2008, when he started making art on his iPhone. Last spring he upgraded to the iPad & expanded his interest in this new medium. Not only does he enjoy using these techno devices as sketch pads, but he also likes the ability they give him to instantly share his work with friends.

Over the years, he has produced hundreds of small "i" paintings, like the landscape above. Flowers are another favorite motif. “I draw flowers every day on my iPhone,” he once told a friend, “and send them to my friends, so they get fresh flowers every morning."

Some of these drawings are now part of an exhibition, showing in Paris, at the Fondation Pierre Bergé - Yves Saint Laurent, until the end of the month.

My sister received an iPad for Christmas & clearly intrigued with Hockney's efforts, has started her own daily iPad drawings. The one above is titled "Excitement of an Unopened Box", which she sent to me iPad to iPad.

I have been a bit slow to try this all out. First of all, one must choose an App. Susie was using ArtRage. So yesterday, I decided to down load that one & give it a shot. David Hockney apparently prefers Brushes because that is the one he originally started with. There are quite a few different Apps to select from & I have no idea which is best.

I will have to say, my first endeavors have been pretty primitive ( above & below). But that being said, it certainly is a lot of fun!


  1. Your i-flower drawings are lovely!! What a concept. Thanks for this informative post.... and a Happy New Year to you, too.

  2. Oh so exciting! I don't know if your work is primitive. This makes me want to go get one ipad for myself! Would this make me stop quilting all together? I have not picked up brush in my hands in a long time.. May be this will make me want to paint again!

    Thanks for stopping by my place too.
    Wishing you the very best!

  3. Thanks for stopping by Sally I wish you a Happy new year also, I see you have been busy with your i-pad it is amaizing what one can do with it, your results are fabulous for a first timer,I ofcourse am old school still with my paper and pencils and brushes, fave fun with it, theodora

  4. I love these idrawings. They are fantastic. can you print them out to be framed or are they just i? Love all your postes especially the one with the window displays. very festive.

  5. Primitive is good! I like your efforts!

  6. I'm really digging your I Art. Your sister's is cool too.