Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Unfortunate Reality

Every year, when I return, I discover changes that have taken place over the winter. I never find the village just as it was the summer before. There may be a new neighbor, or someone may have moved away, new commerce or loss of it, a death, or the happy arrival of a new baby.

This year, change seems to have hit hard. Sadly, this winter brought six deaths, a huge number for a village of less than 75 year round inhabitants. The well loved homes, of these elderly neighbors, now stand empty, a sad reminder of a great loss to the community.

The economy has had it's affect as well. The village once boasted a lovely little hotel with a wonderful restaurant, but that is now closed. It has moved on to a larger town & left the buildings closed & forlorn.

The village looks a bite tired & sad with so many houses shuttered & closed up. Where once there were plants & flowers adorning balconies & entry ways, there now is only the odd "for sale" sign.

Families that have had summer homes in the village for generations are now forced to sell due to the economy. At the moment their are 13 houses on the market in this tiny village alone.

Some signs are the homemade variety. Hung up in hopes that their village home might bring a large sum & allow the owners to pursue their dreams of a more exciting & financially fulfilling life elsewhere.

Rumor has it, that even the twelfth century chateau, which has been in the same family for the last 3 hundred years, may be put on the market. Let us hope that this is only a rumor. The village has suffered enough loss for one year.

Change is inevitable, & the changes here only reflect what is happening in the rest of the world. However, in a village as small as this one, the unfortunate reality seems large in comparison.



  1. Sad! It's such a pretty town!!

  2. Yes it is sad. I was reading an article today in an old 2008 France magazine that was saying how many Chateaux were for sale in France, due to families being unable to keep them up. And that was 3 years ago. Sorry to hear that your precious little village is feeling the effects of what seems is happening...everywhere.

  3. It is so sad.....the same is happening in rural areas in Japan too. However, your village is so pretty!

  4. That is really dramatic what an unfortunate development. At the same time I image how great it would be, if lots of bloggers could buy a house there and bring new life and creativity into this lovely little village.
    Where is this little town?

  5. Oh Sally... this is sad, Today I went to a small country town here in Australian that was pulled down house by house for coal mining... one person remains and he owns 11 blocks of land... he's holding out on Goliath and they are not happy!
    Such a poignant post!
    Enjoying your posts from France!