Thursday, June 23, 2011


I love the curtains that you see in the
windows as you pass. They usually seem so old fashioned to me, like the curtains remembered from a grandmother's house, or perhaps ones imagined in a fairytale.

There are beautiful lace & embroidered, cotton, cafe curtains.

Some curtains seem so old, as if they may have been in that same window for 50 years or more.

While there are also the more modern window treatments. Linen panels finished in a point with a tassel at the end are a popular style.

I love the pretty embroidered linen panels. Unfortunately, the photo below does not show the lovely detail in these.

There is just something so French about lace curtains hanging in a window. The ones below, are held up at the bottom by decretive clips, giving them a pretty finish.

Even doors are occasionally dressed in curtains, too, especially in this hot & sunny climate.

Sometimes lace panels are hung high in windows above doors.....

.....or low in windows almost at street level.

But whether, high or low, in windows or in doors, there is always something very appealing & romantic about curtains in France.


  1. hello there,I quess I missed a couple of posts ,but I will catch up,by the way the curtains are beautiful and they look great on those type of windows ,the town that you live in is like a fairytale.

  2. hello Sally, i always enjoy reading your posts. The window photos are so wonderful and typical, and yes it is as if behind those curtains time has another meaning, they breathe restfulness.

  3. Nothing is more refreshing than a crisp curtain fluttering out an open window. Thanks for capturing these images.

  4. Hi,Sally.
    Your window and curtain is lovely.
    They have such a dreamy peaceful quality!
    Here in my town Nara, the rainy season is still remain.
    It is getting humid. How is the weather in your village?
    Have a nice weekend!

  5. HI Sally I was just visiting another blog that I follow called the warp and the weft and they just arrived in Saint Antonin isn't that funny, do you know many Americans that visit there for the summer because she visits every summer from what I know, just thought I would mention it to you.

  6. One of the most evocative images of France is, for me, the French window with the lace curtains, or the Rideaux Normand, such as the checked curtains above [ and seen at Giverny]. Your photos are wonderful, and bring it all back for me!!