Sunday, June 26, 2011


Anyone who really knows me, knows that I have a thing for chairs. I can't really explain it, maybe it is their sculptural presence. Whatever the reason, I have been collecting sad discarded chairs from trash heaps & yard sales for years. So it is no surprise, that I am infatuated with the chairs of France. Although, I have resisted collecting too many of my own, I have delighted in collecting photos of them.

There was just something so very French about these two chairs placed so haphazardly in a medieval dwelling, that I was fortunate enough to visit.

I could not resist the colors & worn patina of this sagging but still used seat.

Another photo of the medieval house I visited, reveals a number of various style chairs from different periods, along with beautiful aspects of a structure built in the middle ages.

Although, not an old chair or even a very interesting one, there was still something appealing about this lone chair, with it's cushion, placed in front of it's table, looking out toward the view, while the cat sleeps silently by.

This table & chair, seen in a yard filled with abandon old cars, made me think that it may have once had a life in a beautiful garden, much like an impressionist painting.

I just liked the patterns & colors of this chair & it's habitat.

You can not have a collection of photos of French chairs, without at least one picture of a classic café table & chair.

I fell in love with this tiny, antique, child's chair sitting on a ledge next to a plant & the river just behind.

Although, not really a chair, I felt I had to include this built in bench from the same medieval house. I guess you could think of it as a sofa from the middle ages, where I don't think you would have found too many couch potatoes.


  1. Great collection and I love the french mediterranean impression looks like summer and holidays.

  2. It's so much easier to collect photos of chairs rather than chairs. I love the loneliness and the appeal of many of these photos.

  3. Hello, Sally.
    Many lovely photos of chairs! I collect postcards of arts. They can be always displayed on the drawers in my living room though I love to visit Museums to see real ones.

  4. I love the rusted garden one, the cafe chair and the bench! I've so enjoyed catching up!

  5. Simply charming! You are not alone... my chair collection is close to out of control and I love every one of them.
    I am reading "Abundance" about Marie Antoinette at the moment... calls for a trip to Versailles. I'll bet they have some interesting chairs there!

  6. Lovely chairs Sally you are a women after my own heart,I have a small collection of all types of chairs that I have rescued from the trash LOL as a matter of fact just the other day I found a nice directors chair in perfect condition I just need to change the fabric on it and It will perfect for my balcony. I am really not suprised that you have met the ladies I believe they are from california and they love to rummage around flea markets over there just like me,it is a small world after all it is so easy to connect these days.

  7. Please have a seat. Musical chairs. Sit still. Chair lift. Sit with me.