Friday, July 16, 2010


The sunflowers have started to bloom. They are always a beautiful
sight, but especially in the early morning mist.

Bon Fête du Quatorze Juillet !!

Oops! I did not make it into town to post this on the 14th. I hope everyone, who celebrated Bastille Day, both in France & in the states, had a wonderful time. Here in the countryside it is really just a day to relax & not work. I have been in Paris a number of times & seen the spectacular fireworks with the Eiffel Tower & the Seine as a backdrop. It is truly magnificent!

But in the campagne the 14th of July is a day of tranquility. People might pack a picnic & go fishing, but mostly they just put their feet up & enjoy the fruits of their labor.

The riot of color from the fields of sunflowers provides the fireworks.



  1. I love those sunflower fields too! They can really lighten up your day... except when you're 13 and your mom comments on how beautiful they are every time you drive by one... which in the Midi Pyrénées happens to be about 4 times a day : )

  2. oui! they are spectacular. seemingly more so this year? i don't know why... but they just seem to burst as you go by.

    so nice meeting you in the cafe the other day, Sally!

    --Molly & Kay