Monday, July 5, 2010


Well OK, maybe I won't have enough photos to keep this blog going all summer, from my one afternoon in St. Antonin, but almost. Here is my second installment of photos from that day. These are of storefronts, old & new.

Some old storefronts have been preserved, as they were, even though the business within has changed. This building now houses a Bed& Breakfast.

Some have simply been left to weather into a lovely patina. The cool, pastel green of this building is one of my favorites. Even the wood covering the windows & the cooper pipe have a beautiful patina.

But sadly, some have lost their true antique charm after being repainted. This storefront was one of the most photographed in the town before it was "restored".

I love this old photography studio, closed for many decades. There are still old faded photographs in the window, showing off the latest photographic techniques. It is as if one day, someone just closed the door, locked up the shop & simply never returned.

Just across the street you can sit under the cheerful blue awning of Le Gaspacho & contemplate the mystery of Studio Rene.

No matter what their history may have been, there is something most intriguing about these faded beauties. Don't you think?



  1. oh so nice. living in the usa makes seeing the old, timely storied places so fascinating. looks dreamy. how fun for you to live in two worlds.

  2. These are some nice photos, but you can do better with regard to their composition. Take lots more! Pops