Friday, July 23, 2010

Doors & Windows

It is clear by now that I have some sort of fascination with doors & windows. It is true. I find them so appealing, no matter wether they are lovingly cared for or weathered & distressed. How could one not see the beauty in their alluring charm, like those of this beautifully restored home?

Or how could one not be intrigued by this mediaeval entryway with it's sinister window above?

Or this beauty? What was that narrow slit of a window for exactly? You will notice that each doorway is numbered, no matter wether, it is the entrance to a dwelling or an empty ruin lies behind (as in this case).

One can not help but be impressed by the facade of a stately mansion from the middle ages.

But certainly, it is no more lovely than the humble entrance to a country cottage.

I find beauty in of the subtlety of the grays & patterns of the stone, as well as the shapes & designs of the openings themselves.

Either grand or simple, these doors & windows suggest for me a sense of mysterious beauty. And imagine, all of them found on one summer afternoon, in one minor mediaeval village in the south of France.


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