Wednesday, July 21, 2010

More Windows

People take a great deal of pride in their windows. Regardless, that the shutters may be in need of a coat of paint, lovely flowers adorn & beautify.

There is a simple elegance in this age old tradition of putting plants & flowers in the window.

Carpenters have become adept at placing new window casings in old frames. This 15th century house is one of the oldest surviving buildings constructed with wood & turf rather than stone. The historic facade is preserved & new windows have been installed to adapt to modern life.

Bright 20 th century colors can also give a splash of modernity to old exteriors.

But some prefer to leave the exterior walls as they are, concentrating more on what is within.

I love how this building is constructed on a slant & how cleverly the folding shutter is made to fit the arched window.

Where ever you go, you are bond to see someone at work washing their windows. There seems to be a great sense of pride taken, in keeping these beautiful old windows sparkling.


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