Wednesday, June 9, 2010


The first days, after I arrived, I took short peaceful walks down quiet country roads. Soaking up the tranquility & letting the hectic life I had left behind fall away, I took each day slowly. It takes time to slow down; to adjust to another rhythm. In winter months it is this slowed pace that I long for, remembering life in France as a beautiful dream.

But not everything here in the village is peace & quiet. There is road work being done under the bridge. For a few days it was almost impossible for my neighbor to even enter her house, but the work seems to be coming to an end now. Then of course, there are the normal sounds of the farmer driving his tractor across the bridge or the distant sounds of plowing in near by fields. And soon there will be the sounds of van loads of kayaks & kayakers coming to start their day on the river. The children will be out of school then & there will also be the happy sounds of children at play. But for now, other than the workers & the occasional tractor, it is pretty quiet here in my little part of paradise.


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  1. Sally,
    Your life in NY and France must be totally different one. Those places in France are so beautiful and seems peaceful life.
    I have have been to Germany in the past but didn't get to visit france. Someday, I would love to visite French country side like these and want to enjoy walking around all day long. this is one of my dream for now.

    I am so lucky to find your blog as I am in love with it.
    Have a joyful, lovely day.