Friday, June 18, 2010

Sunday Market

I know I have posted photos of the Sunday market in St. Antonin before. That was, of course, when I was still in the states & dreaming of being in France. Those were older photos, some even came from the internet, I believe. These, on the other hand, were taken just last Sunday. What can I say, I love everything about going to the market every Sunday.

I love the market for it's shear beauty, for the colors, the shapes, & of course, for the produce.

I love the the variety of olives. Only a few, of the many varieties, are pictured here.

I am so happy to be in this part of France, early enough for the cherries, this year. They are so beautiful & so good!

I couldn't resist these colorful baskets. Although, I have two useful canvas shopping bags, I may have to invest in one of these. But which one? I love how everyone really uses their special baskets & bags to do their shopping. So old fashion, & yet, so "au courant" at the same time.

How could you not love the artistry of these wonderful cheeses.

Most of all, I just love the earthy simplicity of the Sunday market in
St. Antonin.


  1. This would be a great subject for a serie paintings!
    Wish I was there....France is definitly our favourite country!
    And most of all I love the markets!!!

  2. love the photos, I also go to the farmers market here in greece and it looks pretty much the same the olives the veggies ,the seasonal fruit, just the greatest stuff . take care theodora

  3. seems like a fun place to be♪