Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Studio

With all of these rainy days, the studio has been the coziest place to be. My studio is in the attic, with the rough stone walls & old timber beams. We put down a clean new floor & painted it green. And using what we had, we put bright cushions on our son's out grown bunk beds for a comfy place to sit.

It is a long narrow sort of room with my work space at the other end. There are two skylights which give it wonderful light on sunnier days but, as you can see, it is a bit dark when it is dreary out.

Still I have lighting enough & music. What more could one want to pass a rainy afternoon?

It's fun to make a mess.

And hope that maybe something creative will come out of it.



  1. It looks so cozy and inviting! :)

  2. Looks idyllic to me. Hope the weather improves, it's the worst summer I've ever known.

  3. I'll swap my internet access for your studio any day Sally :)))