Sunday, June 13, 2010

Elderflower( Sureau) Beignet

My French friend & neighbor gave me a jar of jelly that she had made with the flowers from the Acadia tree, which blooms in the month of May. She told me that you can also make a drink with these flowers, but that her favorite way to prepare them is as beignets. She also had a bag of Elderflowers, now in season, that she planned to use in the same way. The Elderflowers grow wild & in profusion along the river bank. My British friend,who lives just behind me, gave me this recipe for Elderflower Fritters in English. I think I will have to try them.

16 large Elderflowers

For batter:
Plain flour 100g
Sunflower oil 2 tbsp
Sparkling water 175 ml
Caster sugar
Oil for deep frying
Plate thickly dusted with caster sugar


Sift the flour into a large bowl then add the oil & water, beating slowly to a thick paste. Then stir in sugar. Set aside for 30 minuets. Don't be tempted to skip this step. The resting time is essential for a light batter & a light batter is essential to produce the lacy effect of the flower. Just before you are ready to fry, beat egg white & fold gently into the batter.
Soak the flowers in cold water to clean then shake dry. Then snip the flower heads into small stems.
Heat oil & when hot enough to turn a cube of bread golden brown in seconds dip the flowers into the batter. Lower them into the hot oil. Keep them under the oil. The batter will bubble up around the flowers like little pearls. Fry until golden. Then lift out of the oil & on to the plate of sugar. Eat the fritters while they are still hot & crisp.

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  1. like the idea of eating flowers. inner beauty and stuff. :) enjoy!

  2. Sounds good. We pick the elderflowers and make lemonade from them. Such a great taste of summer.