Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Chez Moi

The cleaning is coming along & the house is feeling cozy & aired out. There is always so much that could be done, should be done, for a house that has been closed up for so many months. But I am anxious to move on to my studio. I have a large canvas waiting for me & I can't wait to start painting.

My house is a simple little place, nothing fancy. There is still so much more renovation work to be done. Will it ever be finished? Does it really matter.

No, not to me. I feel so at home here, just as it is.

It is an easy place to embrace solitude.



  1. What a lovely place Sally! There is something very monastically calming about it, simple beautiful furniture too. You have great taste :)

  2. Beautiful house. It looks great!

  3. Your house looks wonderful,love it just the way it is!!!
    Enjoy working on your new painting!