Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Les Paniers au Marché (Part 1)

The tradition of the French market is not complete without the French market basket. They come in all shapes & sizes as well as a multitude of colors. 

At almost every market there is at least one vender selling baskets. In the St. Antonin market there are a number of different basket stalls offering a variety of beautiful & useful baskets & totes.

One thing is certain, one simply does not go to the market without some sort of basket & more often than not with two baskets.

It is as much a tradition as the market itself. Everyone it seems has his or her favorite, sturdy but well woren basket or baskets to " faire les courses". 

With list in hand, they tuck each of their purchases into their baskets as they make their way from one vendor to the next, much like the gentleman above. Yes, that is a gentleman in the photo above & yes, men as well as women do their marketing with a basket over their arm.

I love the tradition of the market basket. Although the style of the baskets has changed over the years, the addition of bright colors for example, the market basket has always been a part of the market experience. This is the way it has always been & 
I find something very comforting in that.


  1. I love market baskets. My favorite basket is one I picked up at the market on Meeting Street [do you go?] over twenty years ago.

  2. I grew up using a basket in Germany. :) I still like to take a basket to the farmer's market here. They are a good thing indeed.

  3. Beautiful tradition and beautiful colours. Must add a lot of fun to the experience of going to market:))
    Happy colour filled days to you! ♡

  4. I know that the next time I go to France one of the first purchases I make will be a colorful market basket -- those colors make my heart sing!

    Thanks so much for stopping by Marmelade Gypsy with your comments! I always appreciate your visits!

  5. I would love to shop for one of those market baskets! At least now, I take my cloth bags to the grocery. I should work on adding a basket for my repertoire. Next time I travel to France, I'm coming home with a basket.

  6. I'd take one of each of those baskets!

  7. What great displays of baskets, I love both your panier posts- it's made me want to do some panier peering of my own.

  8. Hello Sally , thank you so much for you comment on my blog .. and the street Art in Angouleme, it is such a wonderful city .

    I have one of these baskets , had to bring one back from France quite a few years ago . I would buy a few more if I had my way , Lovely colours too.

  9. Beautiful! lovely to catch up with all your posts.