Friday, July 25, 2014

Déjeuner à Toulouse

Yesterday we spent a day in Toulouse. The morning was spent at IKEA, looking for & purchasing things needed for the house. As anyone who has ever been to an IKEA knows, & no matter what country you may be in, the IKEA shopping experience is an exhausting one. So the rest of the afternoon was devoted to a leisurely alfresco lunch & some people watching. Toulouse like any other large city is fast paced.  One sees people busy on their smart phones & rushing by. Very different to the quiet, calm country life we are accostumed to here on France but it was a happy, welcomed change of pace.

Whether busy or calm I hope your weekend is fabulas & just what you want it to be.


  1. Love IKEA -- no matter where it is! But you're right -- it's not a mellow experience! Toulouse sounds great, though!

  2. Personally I'd have skipped Ikea and just gone for the leisurely lunch. Your pictures give a wonderful impression of a bustling city.

  3. I really like going to IKEA , just to see what new ideas they have , then I would have a lunch too , never been to Toulouse , nearest place I have been is Cahors, love this area.