Monday, July 7, 2014

Au Café

It is lively at the cafe at the moment. Flags are hung in honor of the World Cup & even though France lost to Germany on Friday spirits remain high.

Never mind that it's morning..... one can order café au lait or a glass of wine it doesn't matter.

In the summer the cafe is always crowded & noisy, filled with laughter & good humor

But one can find a spot to drink your coffee or orange juice in peace & read le journal.

Reading the news paper & catching up on sports is an important activity at the cafe.

Sometimes cafe life is just a bit too much & a little tiring.

But one thing is for sure, one always feels welcomed & at home at the cafe.

I am linking these thoughts of France to Paulita's weekly meme Dreaming of France


  1. The perfect way to pass a couple of hours ….. the French have got it SO right.
    Many thanks for your comment today. Have a lovely week. XXXX

  2. I think I'd drink my cafe au lait then stay for a glass of wine. Your people photos are always so delightful. Thanks for playing along today and for visiting other blogs on Dreaming of France. Here’s my Dreaming of France meme

  3. So colourful and lively and...civilized. Certainly sets me to dreaming of France!

  4. I hope u watched the last night match between Brasil and Germany:) Football is not my thing but even I was thrilled last night. Lovely pictures! x

  5. Sally! I looked for you every week in this very cafe!! to no avail... We lived around the corner when we first got there (across from the old english bookstore) and went to the cafe everyday, looking, looking... then visited St Antonin every week with our guests and looked for you, but still, never saw you... i'm glad to know you're there, though. Let's figure it out for next year!

  6. Your pictures feel cozy....lovely. The flags are wonderful!