Saturday, July 12, 2014

Drawing Challenge: What's That?

There is no abstract art. You must always start with something. Afterward you can remove all traces of reality.


I'm not sure I completely agree with Picasso but I do think everything I paint comes from somewhere.

Here is what I have been working on in the studio in several of its stages.

It's not finished yet....but.....

What's that?

Good question! I will just have to leave it up to the viewer to decide.

To find more answers to that question go over to Carole Ried's blog & take a look.


  1. Do you think each painting is viewed differently by each viewer that even realistic work can seem abstract to the viewer? I see movement and joy in your painting, Sally.
    Thanks for joining the dc this week. Happy summer to you!

  2. What I see really appeals to to me...but I'd like to see the whole painting:) And what I see may be a crow (I'm not objective, see my blogpost). "As the crow flies"...and I just noticed that in your header is the phrase; "between here and there". eric

  3. What's that? That's easy. That is beautiful!

  4. It's lovely, Sally. I see a sunset after a rain, seen thru power wires; kind of like at my house in Vancouver.

  5. i would say energy in the form of beautiful colors full of movement.

    you asked.... what mine was; a macro of a large forest mushroom, drying.

  6. Whatever it is, I like it - beautiful work!

  7. and i, for one, am not going to decide upon that. i really enjoy the different stages, i am very keen on abstractism (is that a word?) these days, and intrigued by it, which i find stunning because i usually go for the exact, and abstract is, to me, quite the opposite. i believe, maybe, it is the colour play in abstract painting that enthralls me.
    i love the colours in your painting. do show us too, when you think it's done. does it happen to you that sometimes months, years later you all of a sudden notice something isn't done? a bit like life, really. ;)))

  8. I guess its human to give everything a sense to understand it and the same with abstract painting, might be that people feel more secure if they "know" what that is instead of the fearful unknown.
    When it comes to your painting I don't mind not knowing what it is, I think its very beautiful, wonderful color and expression, vibrant and alife!
    xo barbara bee

  9. although i see myself as an realistic painter
    i really can enjoy abstract work
    because it's open
    you can wander and wonder
    like your painting!
    it can have so many different meanings
    depending on your mood, the day, what ever
    i like it!!

    Patrice A.

  10. The shapes remind me of leaves. I think it's very pretty, whatever it is.

  11. Yummy paint, that is what it is, Sally!

  12. I don't know if "it" has to be anything in particular that is "touchable" -- it could be a thought, an emotion, a feeling, an idea. No matter what, I love the colors and the motion; it makes me smile.