Saturday, July 5, 2014

Drawing Challenge: The Inner Eye

When I think of the Inner Eye or the Third Eye I immediately think of my yoga practice. I guess this is the only time I really hear the term being used in earnest.

Yoga is an important part of my daily life. It is for me a meditation in motion.

Although I do not have an actual meditation practice I guess my second thought when thinking of the Inner Eye would be the act of meditating.

There is a pose in yoga called malasana which is a squating pose. Knees are wide, elbows press into knees while hands come together, lower head to thumbs & press gently on the third eye. This is a gentel restorative pose.

So yes, yoga is what comes to my mind when I think of the Inner Eye

Sus is the host of this weekends drawing challenge & you can see links to other interpretations of the Inner Eye on her lovely blog.

Thank you Sus!


  1. I love these paintings, Sally. You have really captured the body-feeling of yoga - and in beautiful colors.
    Thank you for joining the challenge!

  2. What a good impression of your yoga practise. I like the phrase: meditation in motion. It sounds active!

  3. Sally, this has to be by far my favorite post! I am sure there were others but at this moment, I can't think of any! Loved your interpretations of inner eye and Meditation in Motion - PERFECT!

  4. i wish, oh, i wish i could say the same thing about yoga, but i haven't been to the course in months now, pretending there's other things that need attention. i guess the time will come again i will be wanting to release tension that way. but i do agree on the reclusive aspect of the inner eye in yoga, and when i allow myself to submit, i feel it. cheers for that, n♥

  5. You have an amazing talent and I love seeing your impression of the inner eye. Beautiful!

  6. yes, yoga and inner eye, a lovely time to come in contact. to greet this inner intimacy. wonderful photos and a joy to see your art.

  7. I definitely think your artwork reflects an Indian look, which probably comes from you connecting it to yoga. Very meditative post.

  8. Hi Sally, your squatting pose caught my attention. I stared at it and stared at it loving its pose and the feeling calm. Then I saw the eye. Powerful view.

    I'm hosting next week's drawing challenge if you'd like to join come on over to my blog.

  9. All lovely images Sally! I also practice yoga and that is also the first thing I thought about for this challenge. Aren't we lucky to have yoga in our lives? Big hugs and I hope you have a lovely week ahead of you. :)

  10. Nice flow (pardon the pun) to all the pictures. The editing of the photos gives them a mystique and the colours of the paintings lend a real liveliness.

  11. Lovely sally! and yes how can one not be reminded of yoga when talking of the inner eye- whats inside the body is often so much more- and yoga is the union of that- inside /outside- perfect :)

  12. I'm sorry, but i always thought that inner eye, had to do with yoga. or is Hindu religion? Im sorry. anyway. somehow yoga and inner eye are conected for you. I like your illustrations! the las one mostly :)

  13. a few weeks ago i made i little yoga-practise-space in our attic
    i stopped taking lessons but miss it
    for me it is, like you said, meditation in motion
    as once tai-chi was
    and your drawings refelct this all perfectly
    thank you for this

    Patrice A.