Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wrought Iron Gates

There is just something so intriguing about peeking through a French gate. I always have the feeling of being locked out & wanting to know what lies beyond. My curiosity is peeked.

Certainly, the closed gate adds an air of mystery to already mysterious buildings. There is just enough of a view, to make you want to see more.

The wrought iron gate, much like the wrought iron balcony, is classic French & like the balcony, you find them everywhere. They provide entry into lovely shaded gardens, as does the robin's egg blue gate below.

Some are made more formidable than others. One must ascend a stone stairway to reach this gate, canopied with an arbor of wisteria.

Many of the gates are beautifully detailed & even though worn, a rusty patina simply adds to the charm.

There are those that are simple in design, but none the less, make a statement of pure elegance & grandeur.

Others speak of privacy within.

There are the overly ornate.... well as the plain.

Each gate adds a sense of style to the dwelling it protects.

When a gate is opened wide, there is a desire to step inside, into another world.


  1. Hello,Sally.
    All of the gates are so lovely. They are surely telling us their old history. My favorite is the fifth! I like the small rusted green gate.
    Have a great day!

  2. Sally,
    Finally my mark of the redrose flower appeared!
    I do not know what was happening??
    See you again.

  3. Lovely gates. I love it here in the U.S. when there's a gate without a wall or fence. Just the gate to mark the entrance. Not very practical. How do you resist stepping inside?

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  5. “I always have the feeling of being locked out & wanting to know what lies beyond.”—I must agree that there's total mystery on every house that is veiled. Wrought-iron gates and railings are the ones that add beauty and mystery on a house.

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